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REVEREND JOHNTERIS TATE, is the third Pastor of the renown Mount Moriah Baptist Church of Los Angeles, Inc., organized by the late Dr. Earl A. Pleasant in 1946. Reverend Tate, at the age 24, was elected as pastor of Mount Moriah in August 2017; following the 42-year tenure and retirement of the Dr. Melvin V. Wade, Sr. Prior to

coming to Los Angeles, Reverend Tate was the Pastor of First Thessalonians Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.


Reverend Tate’s strong biblical preaching and teaching ministry from the Mount Moriah pulpit, continuously challenges, impacts and empowers believers to live an even greater life as a disciple with a deeper faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.


His preaching/teaching ministry concludes s a time of special prayer for

believes to be strengthened and for unbelievers to make a decision to accept Jesus Christ.

He hosts the weekly meeting of The Baptist Minister’s Conference of Los Angeles at Mount Moriah. He is actively involved in denominational work at the state and national level, serving in the California Missionary Baptist

Convention, National Missionary Baptist Convention of America and the National Baptist Convention USA.

Pastor Tate is recognized as one of the youngest evangelists that is sought after around the nation. He is often

invited to be the featured speaker at many conventions, conferences and churches across the country.

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